Into New Light.

That tenacious spark filled with passion keeps us committed and forward-thinking in creating new light and re-imagining lighting solutions for our clients. Be it a new discovery, innovation or solution, our passion propels us and gives us great determination to confront challenges in our keen pursuit of finding the new light. The light meaningful to you.

Your dependable partner since 1983, supplying many with well-designed illumination and impactful lighting solutions.

Our team is not just an outfit of talented lighting designers and competent engineers but like you, we too, are excited to wake up to a new light and re-imagine the solutions that better meet with your project’s needs. We remain outstanding in gearing operative results that fulfill an extensive diversity of needs to include residential, commercial, government, education, healthcare, industrial, recreational, hospitality and retail.

In other words, we are future-ready.

We have a full-fledged ecosystem for lighting solutions — from R&D, design to collaborations and maintenance. Held strongly by our principles at heart, we provide customers with cost and time-efficient solutions, that secures sustainability and proffers reliable support and services the industry needs.

Our level of service and empathy towards your business set us apart at Davis, and that is also where our vocation for smart lighting was born. At Davis Lighting, we deliver products of unreserved quality and innovation that generate a purposeful light – the light that supports, excites and inspires both you and me.

Live. Savor. Fulfilled.

Our intent is keen and purposeful; enlightened solutions for all. Davis collaborates with like-minded designers to inspire ardent development towards new light, to become a complete one-stop lighting solution provider. We aim to keep raising the quality of lives through leading-edge solutions, powered by a single aspiration at the core; keep pushing boundaries, perpetually primed to illuminate our future.

Light. Radiant energy.

Realize the full potential of lighting to drive a new era of development, design and productivity. We engage all possibilities to execute the most efficient and reliable path to customization, generate cleaner energy consumption and offer sustainable lighting solutions.

In this progressive and ever more variegated lighting market, we re-imagine your needs and push on to harmonize luminaires to actualize your requirements and amplify business outcomes.

We’ve got this.

We know too well that the potential of light can only be persuaded by an astute approach to its nuances and properties to elevate the quality of life. We will continue to prescribe and provide lights that illuminate lives meaningfully.

And you, be lit.