DAVISTRADE provides a broad variety of luminaires with superior quality and performance to present a comprehensive modular toolbox for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Whether in contemporary designed space, spacious warehouse, a hospital or community space, you will be assuredly supported by our expert consultants to match products that best meet your clients’ needs.

Be supported by the dedicated support at Davis from inception to completion of your projects, and the renowned quality applied to all Davis’ range of luminaires.


Prior to providing eloquent lighting designs, we know who you are, we understand deeply the importance of your inspiration and imagination. With shared values and insights from you, we provide solutions for every design challenge, and aim to improve the quality of lives through radical solutions, with a single aspiration at core: pushing boundaries to provide the greatest.

Aesthetics, service and innovation are what set us apart at Davis. DAVISDESIGN Lighting was born to provide to provide architectural lighting with the utmost quality and innovation that’s speaking design language, that generates a purposeful light — that can support, excite and inspire, so that we can fulfil your dreams for the spaces where you and your clients belong.


Embodied by the philosophy of providing the best to amplify the ability of lighting, we help you realize the full potential of it. The DAVISPRO range of product are created to cater for wide diversity of needs —including workspace, commercial, hospitality and city beautification. DAVISPRO engaged all possibilities to execute the most efficient and reliable path to customization, generate cleaner energy consumption and offer sustainable lighting solutions.

Your business is unique, we listened, analyzed and designed an absolutely unique solution, with manifestation of the most efficient and reliable path to customized, energy-saving and sustainable lighting solutions.